1972 Mobile Substation

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1972 Mobile Substation
$35,000 OBO
Reliance Trailer, Primary Voltage of (H) 60 kv & Secondary Voltage of (X) 12470/4160Y/2400 Volts
Seller says the unit was in service for 1 month last year with no issues and has been kept under nitrogen with the heaters on. It was removed from "Emergency Back-up Service" in September. The unit was purchased 4 years ago for $60,000 and $6,000 worth of work was put into it including new tires. The unit will need to be transported by a low boy trailer due to CHP Regulations. The seller is working on transferring the title. BidCal guarantees a clear title. The buyer will be receiving a copy of the current registration & 262 Bill of Sale. The title will then be mailed when the transfer is complete.
Gridley, CA
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