Consignment Info

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Quality Consignments will be accepted now through Friday, November 17th. Yard hours are Monday - Friday 8 AM to 3 PM with a lunch break from 12-1. Please call our office at (530) 345-0840 to schedule an appointment to drop off.

If you are interested in having your item included in our advertising, please call to verify deadlines.

Consignment Deadline: Friday, November 17th

Auction Dates:

Bidding Starts
Saturday, December 9th, 2017
Bidding Closes
Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
Inspection Period
Saturday, December 9th and Monday, December 11th

Location of Auction


Commissions are based upon a BidCal evaluation of the item(s) to be sold. Evaluations can be conducted as follows:
  • On-Site Visit. A BidCal employee would be happy to schedule a visit to your location for an on-site inspection.
  • By Sending Pictures via Email or Text.
  • At the gate upon arrival.

General Guidelines

  • Strictly Enforced: If it's junk, take it to the dump!
  • To best serve both our sellers and buyers in the long term, items will be inspected and rejected if the quality doesn't fit the auction criteria.
  • No junk or mismatched tires.
  • Hand tools & shop tools must plug in and work.
  • We are not a Flea Market!! No household remodel fixtures including sinks, toilets, bathtubs, etc.
  • No exercise equipment
  • No electric pump motors
  • Very restricted on what tanks will be sold. Only high quality, intact tanks will be sold.
  • Just because you dropped it off doesn't mean it's going to be in the auction. We reserve the right of refusal.
  • If it's crap, take it back!
  • Example of Junk


  • If we have to Replace a Battery - $150 per battery additional charge
  • If we have to Add Fuel - $50 additional charge
  • If we have to fix a tire, labor is $50 and the cost of repair will be passed onto the seller.

Things to consider when consigning Equipment to the Auction

  • Does it have a 1/2 tank of fuel or better?
  • Will the battery test "ok" under a load test?
  • Did you remember to bring the registration?
  • Is the registration current?
  • Do you need to bring a bucket to cover the exhaust if it rains?
  • Does it have a sufficient oil level?
  • Is the antifreeze level sufficient for cold days?
  • Is it worth bringing, or is BidCal going to reject it at the gate?


Please call BidCal at 530-345-0840 or email